T h e   G a r d e n s   of   L i p k j e  S c h a t

 H a r m o n i o u s            I n s p i r i n g          C o l o u r f u l

Photographs and design © Lipkje Schat 2018

Tuliproute Noordoostpolder 21 April until 6 May 2018

(depending on weatherconditons)

Welcome to Noordoostpolder


On average more than four meters below sea level, the bottom of the former Zuiderzee has proven to be very suited for the cultivation of tulips. During the Tulip Festival you can enjoy the many multi-acre fields of tulips that bloom every spring for about three weeks (depending on weatherconditions). The tulipfields are vast and the tulips come in many different colors and give an amazing display in spring. Many tourists enjoy a signed Tuliproute past these spectacular sights. During the Tulip Festival you can tour the

tulipfield area by car or bicycle. (About 100 km.)

Impression of the Tuliproute

The Noordoostpolder has become one of the most important areas of

bulbcultivation of the world

 The close relationship between the gardens and the surrounding tulipfields draw visitors from all over the world. This bulb/plant-loving gardenpublic often returns for a visit in summertime to enjoy a surprising metamorphosis of the gardens, again burst with color. Once the bulbs start to fade the gardenowners make the show going on by succesional planting of roses, clematis, shrubs, grasses, a wide range of often rare perennials and annuals and of course summerflowering bulbs.

Map to The Tuliproute and Four Private Gardens

4 large stunning Private Springgardens

During the Tuliproute there is also the possibility to visit four large stunning private gardens where thousands of tulips are artfully scattered among a variety of plants. The result is a relaxed bland of

tones and textures that feels more at home in casual surroudings than the old-school tulip uniformity.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the four gardens is the effect of mingling countless Tulips and

Daffodils with a wide range of miscellaneous bulbs and lots of perennials, shrubs and trees.

This creates an eyecatching Springfeature.