H a r m o n i o u s            I n s p i r i n g          C o l o u r f u l

Photographs and design © Lipkje Schat 2019

T h e   G a r d e n s   of   L i p k j e  S c h a t

To the Tuliproute and gardens

Leave the A6 at junction 16 and follow sign Bant. At the roundabout in Bant,follow signs for Rutten/Lemmer. Then take the first road to the left, at the first farm on the left you have reached your destination at :


No.1 on the map

De Tuinen van Lipkje Schat

Polenweg 9 8314 PL Bant

No.2 on the map

De Pegasushof

Jan en Elly Giesen-Quartel

Klutenweg 5

8314 PB Bant

No.3 on the map

De Goldhoorn Gardens

Elly Kloosterboer-Blok

Klutenweg 13

8314 PB Bant

No.4 on the map

De Stekkentuin

Wies Voesten

Noordermiddenweg 13

8311 PZ Espel



Ample free parking space.

Also for touringcars.

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Tuliproute 2019

Flyer Wandelroute Tulpenfestival 2019 print.jpg

Tulip hiking route

Flyer Fietsroute Tulpenfestival 2019 print.jpg

Tulip bicycle route

Tulip- and Gardenroute

by car

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