H a r m o n i o u s            I n s p i r i n g          C o l o u r f u l

Photographs and design © Lipkje Schat 2019

T h e   G a r d e n s   of   L i p k j e  S c h a t

The many attractive colour-themed herbaceous borders with a wide range of plants make a pleasant summer walk. This borders have been created with a passion for plants and much care is taken with the composition of colour and structure.


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Colour and structure are very important elements

In 1988 we started to create a garden on a 3.500 sq.m. plot around our house. The garden is created and entirely looked after by ourselves. In 1996 we were ready to share it with visitors.

Our aim was to realise an atmospheric garden: colourful, harmonious and related to the wider landscape which is set out in straight lines that are echoed in the design of the garden.

The garden comprise a succession of nine ‘enclosures’, each designed with a particular character and colour and has a coherent narrative. Beechhedges create external and internal boundaries and provide as well in summer as in winter shelter and structure to the garden.

A walk in the garden offers several routes and cross views, passing shady areas, lush sunny borders, water gardens, terraces, several gazebos, pergolas, intimate and more open spaces.   

An abundance of thousands of bulbs in companion with herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees, create a magnificent spring symphony. Over the years more then 80.000 bulbs have been added all around the garden.

Map to the Garden